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Our Services

Below are a list of comprehensive services that we provide at Phalcon Dental Care


Root Canal

Your tooth is composed of three layers: Enamel and Dentin on the outside, and the inner pulp. When decay penetrates the enamel and dentin, a simple filling suffices. However, if it reaches the pulp, inflammation or infection can lead to pain. This is where Root Canal Treatment comes in.



Whether for a single missing tooth or multiple gaps, dental implants offer a transformative solution. Embrace the ease and aesthetics of dental implants, a groundbreaking choice for restoring your smile's brilliance.


Tooth removal

When a tooth is beyond saving due to damage, fractures, gum issues, or impaction (wisdom molars), it's painlessly removed under local anesthesia. Healing takes 20-40 days, and teeth can be replaced by bridges/implants (excluding wisdom molars).​



Replace missing teeth with complete or partial dentures, removable or semi-fixed (implant-supported). Removable dentures require patient compliance.


Kids Dentistry

Care for developing teeth is crucial. Early oral hygiene, regular pediatric visits, cavity prevention, trauma management ensure lasting oral health.


Gum Treatments

Vital for tooth anchoring. Address bleeding gums through regular cleaning. Advanced treatments for gum diseases prevent pyorrhea, maintaining gum health.


Braces & Aligners

Transformative solution for misaligned smiles, teeth, or jaws, leading to enhanced chewing function, and effective cleaning. Treatment varies based on complexity and age, catering to individual needs.Our clinic offers two primary types of braces: Orthodontic, or aligners

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Smile Design

​Through techniques like dental fillings, veneers, crowns/caps, teeth whitening, or braces/aligners, we transform tooth color, size, and position, harmonizing them with lip and gum aesthetics. The outcome? A stunning, self-assured smile that radiates your inner beauty. Unveil your new smile with us.


Dental Fillings

Address decay or cracks with various options, from traditional silver to tooth-colored composites. Repair broken teeth due to habits or trauma.


Crowns and Bridges

Restore tooth shape, size, strength with dental crowns. Bridges replace missing teeth, supported by neighboring teeth. Types include metal, porcelain fused to ceramic, zirconia, etc.


Teeth Cleaning & Polishing

Eliminate plaque, tartar, stains, and evaluate gum condition. Ideal for stained teeth (coffee/tea/tobacco) or bad breath. Different from whitening. Done every 8-12 months for optimal oral health.


Teeth Whitening

Brighten teeth 2-3 shades, removing stains and yellowing. Effects last months, not for sensitive teeth or those with veneers/fillings.

What Our Clients Say

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